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Privacy Policy

While using online services of any kind, it is vital for customers to be aware of the privacy policy and confidentiality protection. We do gather personal information from our customers, but guarantee secure protection of every piece of information you supply us with. This page explains why we need your personal data and how we are going to use it.

Our Key Principles

We collect different types of information. First, it is your personal data that helps us verify and process financial transactions. We need to know your full name, phone number, and email address to contact you with questions related to delivery of our service. As for non-personal information, we use "cookies" files to find out statistical information about your browser; for example, how many times you visited our website, when, and for you were looking for. This type of data is automatically gathered by absolutely all websites you open online, not only by ours. Our customers may also provide information about their age, gender, interests, and other upon their choice. We do not ask for any irrelevant information. We protect and store your data at our secure web-server.

  • Our company needs your personal data to provide you with full package of services and process payments for others. You are required to agrees with our Privacy Policy when registering.
  • All customers' personal data is kept on our protected web-servers.
  • We protect all transferred information with SSL technology encrypting. That secures our system from leaks and makes loss of information impossible by definition.
  • Our company does not resell, share or exchange your personal information with third parties. We do not use it for advertising or marketing purposes as well. We may share your data only with trusted partners who are helping us with operating website and transacting payment.
  • We collect anonymous data from your computer, which does not include your personal information.
  • Your registration form is well protected until your next visit.
  • Writing team does not have access to any personal details about you; they can ready only details and instructions you provide along with your order.

We try to keep all our customers updated about any changes in our business services. We aim to be the most exclusive and professional writing agency on web! If you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer support team any time.