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Refund Guarantee is a legitimate company that strives to provide its customers with the best service possible, respecting their rights and interests. As part of our terms and conditions, we have a fair refund or money-back guarantee. You have the right to request a full refund if we do not deliver your paper, plagiarize any part of the assignment, or ignore your requests. Please carefully read the following instances when you can expect to get a full refund:

1. You Want To Cancel Your Order

All our customers can get 100% refund if they cancel their orders during three hours after the payment. The timing is very important; if you cancel the order later, you will be charged 25% to cover the incurred expenses. Your refund request will not be honored if we have already started working on your assignment or your essay has been already delivered. You cannot cancel the order is the order status is "complete".

2. You Paid Twice For The Same Order

In case you got two bills for the same order and it is not your intention, our company will return your money back (one of the two payments). It is highly important to contact our customer support team immediately to clarify the situation and get a timely reply.

3. You Placed Identical Order Twice

If you ordered your assignment twice by mistake, please contact our customer support as soon as possible and inform us about the issue. While we do check all orders manually, we may assign two different writers to work on two of your orders (even though the assignments are identical). Thus, please act fast and let us know about the error.

4. We Could Not Find A Specialist For You

If we do not have a qualified person to work on your assignment, we will inform you about our inability to assist you and refund your money back (full amount). To minimize the risks, please take advantage of our online chat to get confirmation regarding our ability to work on your assignment.

5. Non-Original Content

We do run all papers through plagiarism checkers. We do guarantee 100% original writing from scratch. However, even the best programs sometimes fail to trace non-original content due to manipulation with wording. If you trace plagiarism in the delivered paper, we guarantee your right to request a full re-write or refund. Please note, refunds are granted if plagiarism level exceeds 10%.

6. Non-Delivery of Written Assignment

We will return all your money back if we do not deliver your paper at all. In situations when delivery is delayed, our company must recalculate the total fee according to the lower one and return the difference to your account.

Please feel free to contact our support team 24/7 if you have any problems or questions about our refund policy.