Compelling Term Paper Topics


Students often have a hard time selecting term paper topics. With so many being on the line, it is quite difficult to determine one. But try to forget about the pool of suggested options for a moment and think of the area you'd like to dive in. There must be some topic that makes your heart beat faster: that is probably your best bet.

However, there are other requirements to be taken into account: it has to be something appropriate for your course and not overused. Make sure that you have enough recent sources available for research. Also it is better to discuss your topic with your teacher: perhaps, there are some topics he doesn't approve of. Act in accordance with his/her instructions. 

We've made a list of engaging term paper topics that might inspire you. They are classified into several groups.


  • Should the US judicial system be reformed?
  • What is the role of military forces in modern society?
  • Is the arms race still going on?
  • How should the US immigration laws be improved?
  • Is political corruption an insoluble problem?


  • Reverse discrimination: a myth or an urgent problem?
  • Do we need human population control?
  • Does the system of orphan adoption need reforming?
  • Taking care of the elderly: whose responsibility is it?
  • Should homosexuals be isolated?
  • Are interracial relations as good as we claim them to be?


  • The growing trend of divorce: will it stop?
  • Should children be punished for bad behavior?
  • How to fight domestic abuse?
  • Family values: how important are they for our society?
  • Can the role of a housewife be satisfactory for modern women?
  • Civil marriage: advantages and disadvantages


  • The future of standardized testing
  • Online schooling: benefits and shortcomings
  • Is college admission too competitive?
  • Are college fraternities an outdated practice?
  • Are the policies of education funding fair enough?
  • Is grading the best system of motivation?


  • Agriculture without pesticides: is it imaginable?
  • How to protect endangered species?
  • New ways of garbage disposal
  • Alternative energy sources: when will they become affordable?
  • When will the natural resources of the Earth be exhausted?

Media and Technology

  • How can we protect intellectual property in the era of web 2.0?
  • How to resist media bias?
  • Anonymity on the Internet: should it be restricted?
  • Will Internet replace TV and print media completely?
  • How to control violence in the media?
  • The best ways of ensuring the IT security


  • Is dieting harmful?
  • Is there the pharmaceutical industry conspiracy to make us unhealthier?
  • How does yoga affect human health?
  • Should marijuana be used for medical purposes?
  • Is there any advance in obesity fighting?
  • Is the level of stress in modern world excessive?

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