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Admission essay, also called personal statement, is a brief essay that provides information about your major interests and qualities in a creative way. What do we mean by creative way? Well, if you look through sample admission essays you can see that the most remarkable of them are written in the narrative, not descriptive form.

This is your unique opportunity to tell the committee something about yourself besides your examination scores, so use it to your biggest advantage. Create a story of an situation where your personality is revealed at best and make every sentence engaging! Sample admission essays online can provide you with some hints but to make your essay exceptional you may need our helpful tips.

Tips for Successful Admission Essay

  1. Answer the question. Whatever you yearn to tell the committee about yourself, it should not be included into the essay unless it is relevant to your essay question or prompt, especially if it is your excuse for low grades or your childhood experiences.
  2. Use your imagination. Of course it is great to describe a real life situation but if it is not bright enough it wouldn't be a crime to embellish your experience a little with some savory details.
  3. Be concise. Remember that the admissions committee must be pretty tired by the time they get to your essay. Write less but better. Make sure that every sentence is relevant and contributes to your larger purpose.
  4. Write in vivid style. If you have a mathematical mindset it may be pretty hard to adorn your essay with enough adjectives and adverbs but it is really indispensable if you want your essay to be remarkable. That's details that make your prose persuasive, not the big words. However, don't go overboard with your imagery. Every metaphor or comparison should be relevant and understandable to the audience.
  5. Make up a hooking opening. Your introduction should grad the attention of your readers right from the start. Make it provoking, intriguing or mysterious. Appeal to the motions not to the reason.
  6. Make your essay flow smoothly. Provide transitions between your body paragraphs. Make sure there are no stumbling blocks a reader may come across.
  7. Link your conclusion to the introduction. Frame structure is the most efficient for an admission essay. However, don't try to do this unless it comes naturally. There are a lot of other ways to finish your essay: with a quote, with a broader implication for your topic or with your expectations for the future.
  8. Edit your essay and let others do it.  Remember that you can never be sufficiently objective about your own work!

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