How to Write Term Paper?


Term papers are a common requirement for numerous courses, whatever your major is. However, teachers rarely give detailed instructions on how to write term paper properly. For that reason students often end up puzzled about the course of action they should take.

Organizing your Work: 10 Easy Steps

We are going to outline some indispensable steps in the process of term paper writing.

  1. Don't delay! Most students realize the significance of this piece of writing but can't stop procrastinating with it. This is not an essay to be crafted in one evening. You definitely need at least two weeks to conduct your research and to structure your paper in the right way.
  2. Choose an interesting off-the-beaten-track topic if it is up to you. The more debatable it is, the better. Stay away from hackneyed ideas.
  3. Come up with a compelling thesis. Define what you are going to argue. Formulate your thesis in an unambiguous fashion. Don't be afraid if your viewpoint is unconventional as long as you can vindicate it.
  4. Sketch possible arguments. Think of your thesis as the springboard for your argumentation. Map all the arguments that come to your mind. A bit of brainstorming can be of help. You will be surprised at how many ideas you have in your subconscious mind!
  5. Look for sources that can provide you arguments and, which is important, counterarguments to be refuted. Don't concentrate on books only: browse through scholarly journals, government publications, newspaper articles and electronic resources. The broader your research scope is, the more solid your term paper is going to look. And, therefore, the higher mark you will receive! Make index cards with citations and record bibliographical information.
  6. Make a clear outline. Outline is a perfect tool for organizing your thoughts. Don't neglect it!
  7. Start writing. Remember of the three basic parts: the introduction, the main body and the conclusion. The introduction should contain lead-in information, your thesis and key points of your work. The body embraces all the arguments and counterarguments with lavish evidence to back it up. The conclusion restates your thesis and summarizes the key points of your research.
  8. Edit your paper. Everything that you've written up to this moment was just a draft. Edit the paper scrupulously! You may need to reorganize some ideas or rewrite some parts of your paper.
  9. Finalize the paper. Format it in accordance with your specific requirements. Don't forget to provide an abstract if it the APA style. Read one more time to make sure there are no mistakes.

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