Improving Your Essay Writing Skills


Whether you study at school or university, you are likely to be required to do a great deal of academic writing assignments that are thought to improve your reasoning and analytical skills. Essay writing accounts for a large part of your GPA. Not all the students, however, find these assignments easy to complete. 

Actually, it may be a frustrating experience that eventually turns into a stumbling block on your way to academic progress and successful career. With so much depending on your essay marks, you need to make your papers really special. So what do you need to achieve it?

How to Write a Good Essay in the Minimal Time

Of course, your approach to the essay assignment is determined by its type. The most popular essay types include argumentative, expository, persuasive, narrative, evaluation and comparison/contrast essay. You also may be either given a topic or supposed to choose it yourself. However, irrespectively of the type and topic of your essay, there are a few stages that you will inevitably have to pass to write your essay successfully:

  1. Research. Look for authoritative reference sources with verifiable information to cite them in your paper. You may also need to take notes and to make index cards to sort out information.
  2. Analysis. Analyze which claims seem to be more reasonable and which can be refuted.  Investigate both arguments and counterarguments. Check the credibility of the presented evidence.
  3. Brainstorming. Take a sheet of paper and quickly write down all the ideas that cross your mind. Don’t analyze while writing, it should be done automatically.
  4. Decide on your thesis statement. After you’ve read the ideas you generated and distinguished the most brilliant of them, it should already become clear, what is your own viewpoint on the subject of the essay. Formulate it in one unambiguous statement: it’s going to be your thesis.
  5.  Make an outline. It’s always more expedient to write a plan. List the key points that you want to embrace in your paper.
  6. Make up the title and write the introduction. The title should spark the interest of your readers right from the start, so don’t spare your time for it. The introduction has to provide some background information about the issue and state your thesis.
  7. Write the body. Expand on your arguments providing sufficient evidence.
  8. Draw a conclusion. It is the essence of the whole paper. Don’t bring any new ideas in the end.

Essay Writing Help

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