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College Admission Essay: How to Choose a Topic?

Definitely, the choice of a topic depends significantly on the essay question or a prompt that you were given. However, in most cases the essay question is formulated in a rather vague way so that you can write anything as long as it presents you in the favorable light. How should you act in this situation?

  1. Start with brainstorming. Ask yourself what is special about you and how would you contribute to the college if accepted. You should also know the reasons why you are applying to this particular college: how will it encourage and develop your talent and skills? Jot everything down as quickly as you can without any meditation. The first ideas that you've written will probably be the most sincere and therefore appropriate for your college admission essay.
  2. Think of unusual and challenging experiences you've been through. It can be either conflict resolving, dealing with too much responsibility, overcoming large difficulties or fears and the like. You can also write about your traveling or volunteering experience but make sure you choose one particular situation to describe and to give the whole chronology. Remember that your college admission essay must be concentrated on a few major facets of your personality: don't try to sell yourself with all your unique features. If you read some successful college admission essay examples you will notice that they are mostly narrative and cover only one or two interrelated situations, not the whole life.
  3. There are a lot of things to avoid when choosing your admission essay topic. First of all, don't be excessively boastful – either of your knowledge, accomplishments, good intentions, appearance or luck. Stay clear from polarizing topics such as politics and religion. Avoid such topics as death, divorce or other tragedies unless you want the committee  to get depressed.

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