Child Labor Essay Writing Tips


Child labor is the employment of children and it is illegal in most of the countries. It is also considered as a human rights violation in developed countries. Child labor has its roots in the past, for example, during the Victorian era, kids were made to work in factories and mines, and it was a hard and exhausting work even for the adult. Child labor very much contributed into the Industrial Revolution. This problem is still existing in the world, according to UNICEF, there are almost 150 million children aged from five to fourteen engaged in child labor worldwide. 

Modern society needs to spread the warning message to everyone, child labor has to stop. People must boycott goods and products made by employing child labor, because it is a cruel practice and it ruins kids' lives. Childhood is a time to be carefree and play, kids should not be deprived from education because of work and poverty. Ban the evil practice to save children's future. 

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