Common Admission Essay Topics


Admission essay is a nice chance to reveal the aspects of your personality that have been unknown to the committee. It's not only GPA and SAT scores that matter for the application process: your personal qualities are also extremely important for the college environment. Most colleges require one essay without any clearly-defined topic: it is called “personal statement'. In this case you can write about yourself whatever you want as long as it is honest, creative and to the point.

What to Choose?

When choosing among countless admission essay topics, you need to think of some event or situation that had a big impact on you. Remember that writing an admission essay is no time to be modest: you need to show yourself to the best advantage. That is, whatever topic you have it must be perfectly suitable to showcase your personal strengths.

If you want to show that you are extremely hardworking, think of a situation when you expressed it to the largest extent: for example, your physics results at school were bad at first but then you set the purpose of improving them and did your best to achieve the highest grades. This way you have generated immense interest in physics which you still savor, and you are going to work twice as hard to prove yourself in the college. That is the simplified pattern you need to follow when writing an admission essay.

Some Precautions

Remember that although it is always better to write about real events, if you can't think of any bright situation in your life, you can just make it up or fantasize additional details for a real situation. Your admission essay is your chance to express yourself so it may need to call for your creativity!

Try to avoid the admission essay topics related to your personal life, religious experience or political views. Remember that however objective the admission committee try to be, they are just humans with their own standpoint which may subconsciously influence their evaluation of your essay.

Possible Admission Essay Topics

Some colleges, however, provide you with prompts or questions to answer in your essay. The most typical of them are the following:

  • The biggest accomplishment in your life.
  • Describe how you overcame the largest disappointment in your life and even managed to use it yo your advantage.
  • Describe your volunteering experience. What obstacles did your have to overcome?
  • Describe a situation when you have taken a large responsibility upon yourself. How did you cope with it?
  • Tell about how you first became interested in your area of studies and how you developed your interest.
  • Your academic or career goals.
  • Why are you applying to this particular college?
  • Describe a major conflict in your life and how you resolved it.
  • What qualities has your favorite extra-curricular activity developed in you?
  • The largest fear that you have overcome in your life.

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