Brilliant Admission Essay Tips


When you write as admission essay, with your application being at stake, you need to be really attentive because every detail counts. At first you may feel confused and overwhelmed with a broad  range of ideas to choose from or, quite to the contrary, you may be at a loss. Anyways, our great admission essay tips will help you to plan the process properly.

  • Be Honest but not Excessively

When given an essay prompt or a question, most applicants begin to analyze their past experience to  find the events that are worth of being described. It is a reasonable approach but you should always remember that even if your life experience is not bright enough there is no reason why you can't make it brighter. Admission essay is your best chance to express yourself so don't lose it just because you want to write a true story. Consider yourself a writer: your essay can be based on a real story but shouldn't replicate it in all the details.

  • Be Concise

Spare the time of your admissions committee: they will be really grateful for it. Of course, you want to tell a lot about yourself because you are a multi-dimensional person but one or two of your dimensions would do if they are attractive enough. Be selective. After you are done, reread your essay and eliminate everything that seems excessive or useless. Every detail must be to the point, every adjective must be expressive. If you use strong language, you won't need many words.

  • Show, don't Tell

Try to avoid general statements that everybody could write. Whatever you want to say you should illustrate it with examples. Don't just say that you always wanted to be a doctor: name the medical encyclopedias that you were reading enthusiastically in the fifth grade, tell about the doctors who have had an impact on you, describe your attempts to find a cure for cancer...Write about what differentiated you from all the other applicants and illustrate it with as many details and examples as possible, even if you have to embellish your experience a little.

  • Be Consistent

Despite the open-ended nature of an admission essay, it is no excuse to turn it into a stream of consciousness. All your ideas must be packed into a clear structure. Make sure that you provide transitions between paragraphs to make your essay flow smoothly. Create a frame structure that would link the introduction and the conclusion. Don't forget that even though you are writing about some past experience it has to be related to your present (what have you learned from it?) and to your future (what are you going to achieve as a result of this experience?).

Finally, remember that all the admission essay tips can be boiled down to one recommendation: show your passion for what you do!

Need More Admission Essay Tips?

However, it can be much harder than it seems at first. If you face any difficulties with your admission essay, don't hesitate to contact the true professionals who are able to impress the most exhausted and demanding admissions officers.