Responding to Admission Essay Prompts


When you apply to a college or university, you will certainly be assigned some kind of admission essay. If the institution asks for one essay only, it is likely to have no definite topic: you just write your “personal statement' about what you feel is the most important to know about you.

However, many high-profile colleges tend to assign a few essays, one of which is generic and the others are more specific. In this case you are likely to be given some question or prompt. Colleges that use the Common Application have standard prompt options that change every two years. Others prefer to assign self-designed admission essay prompts. Although there is a wide variety of admission essay prompts among the institutions, they fall into a few major kinds.

Types of Admission Essay Prompts

  • Tell us about yourself

Certainly, the formulation will be more sophisticated but the gist is to tell either about your major interests or about an experience that is central to your identity. This essay type  is a nice chance to tell the admissions committee something they can't see from your list of achievements, scores and recommendations. You can boast (but moderately) about your most significant personal qualities that will help you to succeed in this particular college and in life in general. Show them how multi-dimensional your personality is. However, the number of options you gain with this essay type can be overwhelming: you may have a hard time analyzing your past experience and sorting out the most important things.

  • Your extra-curricular activities

Some admission essay prompts will ask you to write about your interests and activities apart from your studies. Responding to this prompt, you should show the committee how you can contribute tot he college environment and community. The answer can range from playing basketball to collecting stamps. The only requirement is that you must sound really passionate about it. You should also let the committee understand that you have accomplished a lot in your activity without outright bragging. This prompt is suitable for showcasing your persistence and enthusiasm that will certainly thrive in the college you are applying to.

  • Why us?

Some colleges might ask you why you've got interested in them. Most applicants choose the wrong way to answer this prompt and opt for lavish flattery. You should understand that the committee is totally immune or even resistant to such things so far. Hence, try to be sincere. Make sure you know everything about the college you've chosen. A slightest mistake can be very costly in this essay type.

Certainly, there are a lot of creative prompts that do not fall into any of these groups: University of Chicago is especially known for their wild imagination when it comes to admission essay prompts. In this case the only recommendation we can give you is to show that your own imagination is no worse.

Submitting a Perfect Essay

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