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Personal essay topic ideas

In personal essay, the writers describe their personal experience that holds some meaning to them. Various assignments can require such work, whether in college or high school. The article gives Read more »
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Online education: pros and cons

Online education has grown vastly in its popularity over recent decade. It is very popular, especially in the developed countries. For example, 83 percent of high schools in the United States offer Read more »
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What campus do you prefer?

The question of finding the right college for a student involves many factors. For example, the campus is very important in student life. Different people prefer different settings so the key here Read more »
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“Write my essay for me”: why students use writing services

The popularity of online writing services grows every day. The statistics shows that almost half of the students in the United States used such services at least once during their studies. Read more »
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List of persuasive essay topics – college-level writing

One of the most important assignments in college is persuasive essay. It includes following a certain set of rules, which can be very difficult for some students who lack knowledge in writing. Read more »
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