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How to cite a journal using MLA formatting

Knowledge of MLA style is very important in academic writing. More than 30 percent of all papers are formatted in accordance with MLA formatting requirements. Many papers use journal articles as the Read more »

How to Avoid Plagiarism When Writing a Research Paper

Just knowing how to recognize plagiarism is not enough in the academic world. The knowledge of techniques for avoiding plagiarism is very important. People can plagiarize without even knowing Read more »

Dealing with exams effectively: hints and tricks

We all know (or at least should know) that studying is a serious business and can have a tremendous effect on our future career and life in general. In this academic rush with its frantic pace, Read more »
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Are you ready for your first research paper assignment?

Okay, so now when you have made it through the admission and applied to college successfully, here is when the fun begins. The college life is out there and waiting for you with all its spender Read more »

Looking for Free Term Papers?

It happens that students start panicking over their term papers. They realize how it affects their GPA and want to do everything possible to turn in a great work... But with standards being so high Read more »
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